Using a Baritone Ukulele Chord Chart

A baritone ukulele chord chart is a must for the beginner and pro alike! It's good to have around when learning a new song with difficult chords.

Chord charts are usually among the first things that beginning players purchase to help them learn an instrument. There are also electronic versions, of course, but they have more or less the same designs, in most cases. A chord chart design includes a graph, which represents the strings crossing a section of the fretboard. Dots on the chart indicate the position of the fingers to play the indicated cord. Most chord charts have which finger should be located where indicated, as well. Baritone ukulele chord charts, if they’re extensive, will contain many chord variations. While very experienced, very well trained players may remember a vast number of chords, even most professional players use these charts now and then. They’re among the learning tools that you’ll buy for a ukulele that you’re never likely to run out of uses for.

Here's some chords...

Reading a Baritone Ukulele Chord Chart

On most charts, the chords will be laid out by the root note of the chord. The string that’s actually playing the root tone will be indicated, on some charts. The finger indications usually run from 1-4: index, middle, ring, little. The thumb will sometimes be indicated by a “T” or by another symbol. Not all chording methods utilize the thumb.

Some charts have specialized designs. For instance, there are moveable chord forms on a ukulele that you can use to play different chords on different frets. Some charts give these chords rather than every variation on an E chord, every variation on an A chord and so forth.


Whichever baritone uke chord chart you end up using, you have to make sure that it lines up with your tuning. Baritone ukuleles are used in two common tunings. The first is standard ukulele tuning: G, C, E, A. The second tuning is similar to guitar tuning: D, G, B, E.

If you’re going to play this instrument seriously, you should look into a baritone uke chord chart for each of the tunings.

Using the chart

A baritone uke chord chart should be among the items you take with you to lessons, practices and gigs. The electronic versions are good, but it’s a good idea to have a printed version, as well.

Most of the time, you use these as learning tools. You should learn the chords you need off it before you perform or practice rather than relying on the chord chart to carry you when you’re working with other people. Having one available, however, is great, particularly if you’re working with people who are learning or writing music as a group.

These inexpensive items are must haves for anyone who plays a baritone ukulele.

Here's a link for a baritone ukulele chord chart.

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