For a More Down Home Sound
Try the Banjo Ukulele

A banjo ukulele is defined by its banjo-like body. The body has skin pulled over it, tightly, exactly like the construction of a banjo. It is known for having a very loud sound.

These ukes have three sections, the neck, hoop and resonator. The resonator is optional, and may not be on every one. Every version of this type of ukulele has the same general look, which is a hybrid banjo and ukulele look – small bodied and round.

Watch to hear one being played...

The Beginning of the Banjo Ukulele

This type of ukulele was introduced because there were often complaints about the ukulele's poor volume. Ukulele players wanted a louder instrument.

The first banjo of this type was called the Banjulele and was created by Alvin D. Keech. It was a combination of designs from the American banjo and Hawaiian ukulele. Other manufacturers started making this banjo/ukulele hybrid and simply called them banjo ukes.

As mentioned, ukulele players were often concerned about the low sound volume of a typical ukulele. In fact, the draw to this type of ukulele is the sound, which makes them quite popular for use on stage and by performers. They carry much better than a typical ukulele, giving them better performance value and making them perfect for entertaining on a professional level, whether it be acoustic or electric. On the private level, they are used by the player who just likes the louder sound.

The Status Today

This type of ukulele was not just a passing fad. Due to the sudden surge of ukulele popularity in the 60s and 70s, this type of ukulele rose to fame and it has never gone out of style. This type of ukulele is now made by numerous manufacturers. There are a variety of designs and looks in this type of ukulele in today's market. They are equally as popular as other types of ukuleles and easily found from many of today's popular ukulele manufacturers. Since they are competitively priced, it is not likely that they will ever become obsolete, because they fill such a need in the ukulele market. The prices of a banjo uke is a little more pricier than a regular ukulele that you can buy off of the internet.

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