The Affordable Applause Ukulele

The Applause ukulele is made by Ovation, which is a manufacturer of guitars and other string instruments. These ukuleles are well known for their unique, round back design. Most guitars and ukuleles have a flat back, but Ovation realized that a round back allowed for more balance and projection in the instrument's sound. Additionally, this round back design made for a stronger instrument that will last longer and be more durable.

The ukuleles are made in a facility in Korea. This was done by the company to help reduce the cost and make for a more affordable instrument. The quality of these ukuleles is very good, and the construction is comparable to ukuleles made in the United States.

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The Appeal

This style of ukulele is quickly growing in popularity. This is due to that unique round back design. It allows for the tones and sounds of the ukulele to be loud and clear. It is a much different sound than with a flat back ukulele.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the ukulele has always been volume. The earlier designed ukuleles with simple construction are great, but they are very hard to hear. The sound just does not project as a person would desire if they are playing for someone other than themselves. Beside the acoustic sound being dull, the rounded back can make it hard to play, in my personal opinion. Especially if you've been playing ukulele without a strap for years. But you can eliminate that problem by adding a ukulele strap.

With new innovations that help to produce a louder sound, ukulele players can now play for an audience without worry that they will have a hard time hearing them.

The Specifications

This style of ukulele from Ovation features three types of wood – spruce, walnut and rosewood. The top is made of spruce, the bridge of walnut and the neck and fingerboard of rosewood. It has a nato neck with an enforcement strap. The fingerboard features chrome machines with pearloid buttons. The sound hole is an epaulette design. Of course, it also features the Ovation round back design.

This ukulele has helped to move the ukulele into the spotlight, where it belongs. No longer do players worry about sound, and there is no sacrifice made to get the good sound that comes from the round back design. The Applause is a true innovation in the ukulele industry.

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