So what's the big deal about ukuleles? Well you came to the right place to learn all about it!

Aloha! I'm Kainoa and I'll teach you all you want to know about ukuleles. Here you'll find a ton of helpful video lessons that I've created for you. My only thing that I ask of you, is to set aside time to practice. Yes, practice, practice, practice! I'll bet you in no time, you'll be jamming your uke!

Over the years I became passionate about this tiny instrument, learned a lot, and now I'd like to pay it forward and share this passion with you!

Discover fun facts about the ukulele (meaning jumping flea in Hawaiian), about Hawaiian music and culture, history and more specific topics like tabs, chords, stringing tips, tuning tips and more.

Find out where to buy this tiny instrument and related items like cases, strings, tuners, instructional & music books, effect pedals, amps and other supplies you might need.

Ukulele Play Along - Pretty Woman (Roy Orbinson) Pretty Woman was recorded in 1964 by Roy Orbinson. He also recorded numerous hits like Only The Lonely and Crying. This song is also featured in the hit movie Pretty Woman. Date added 3/29/15.

Play Along - Disney's Duck Tales Theme If you were a child in 1987, you should remember this cartoon theme. Duck Tales ran from 1987 - 1990, and usually aired during after school hours. It's in the key of D. Ducktales, Woo-ooh! Date added 3/17/15.

Play Along - Just The Way You Are (Billy Joel) Just The Way You Are was released in 1977 by Billy Joel. This song is in D and has a lot of chord changes. Happy playing! Date added 3/5/15.

Play Along - I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues (Elton John) I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues, is one of many Elton John's hits. It was released in 1983. I made the chords a little easier to play, so it should be easy to follow. There is a lot of chord changes though, and the strum is a constant down stroke. It's pretty easy to play on the ukulele after some practice. Date added 2/19/15.

Play Along - All My Life (Linda Ronstadt) All My Life is a duet sung by Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Neville. It climbed to the number 1 spot on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart and won a Grammy in 1991. I'll be teaching this song to you in the key of G. It has a lot of chord changes in it too. Date added 2/7/15.

Play Along - Imagine (John Lennon) This weeks song was performed by the legendary John Lennon. Imagine is a song about promoting peace and harmony for all of humanity. The basic chords are Cmaj7 and F, but also includes C, E7, Am, and Dm. Date added 1/17/15.

Play Along - Teach Your Children (Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) Here's a easy 4 chord song by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, called Teach Your Children. It sort of has a country rhythm to it and it's easy to play. Happy Playing! Date added 1/10/15.

Play Along - Everybody Plays The Fool (Main Ingredient) Happy New Year! Everybody Plays The Fool was recorded in 1972 by Main Ingredient. It was re-recorded in 1991 by Aaron Nevile and made a hit again. I made the rhythm slower so it's easier to play. Date added 1/2/15.

You'll discover a lot of video clips on this site; enjoy the cheerful music from a soprano uke or the smallest to the fuller tones from the other types of ukes. Listen to Hawaiian music or classical tunes sung by famous uke musicians including the Hawaiian legend Israel Kamakawiwoole, the legendary Beatles' guitarist George Harrison, the Canadian prodigy James Hill and many, many more.

As you can see, this site is one of the favorite spots to learn about ukes and how to play them. If you have any idea on what my next video lesson should be or if you don't find what you're looking for, send me a message. I'll do my best to get back to you with your required information as soon as possible.

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